the author

a thought-hoarder and an unmade-bed of a woman, she likes

  • (loves) writing with fountain pens and watching the ink dry
  • well-made movies
  • monsoons
  • receiving letters
  • parentheses
  • striking things off of a to-do list
  • the way podcasters modulate the tone of their voice

A part-time grown up who keeps her paintings straight, and pencils sharpened, she is almost always accepting invitations for a tête-à-tête with people, or spending some quiet introspective time with books and/or plants.

Sporadic urges to write can keep her typing away furiously at the keyboard to spin words that make her feel content, while the dry spells will find her gloomy and conscience-stricken in some dark corner. But soon the scales will balance themselves (as they usually do), and the author will shuffle towards her computer, wanting to give words to some shapeless thoughts.

Wiping away sweat (because hey, Indian summers are no joke), and sipping on less-than-hot black coffee, she’ll count the oxford commas in this post with guilty pleasure. And before she ends this bio-sketch, will introduce herself with an apologetic grin while extending her hand for an unexpectedly firm handshake, and say, “I’m sorry for mentioning this a little too late, but my name is Meghna. And am I glad to see you!”


Here’s a virtual cup of coffee. Now, let’s talk!