The writer is a chirpy (probably too chirpy for her own good), and naive lady-in-the-making who likes,

  • (Loves) fountain pens,
  • Persian cinema,
  • Monsoons,
  • Letters,
  • Parentheses (evidently!),
  • And making lists.

She is a part-time grown up who likes her paintings straight, and her pencils sharpened. And she almost always accepts invitations for a cup of coffee with people (and books).
Sporadic urges to write can keep her typing away furiously at the keyboard to spin stories that make her proud, while the dry spells will find her gloomy and conscience-stricken in some dark corner. But soon the scales will balance themselves (because that’s how it always should be), and the author will fly on a rainbow to her computer, intent on churning out another post so that her readers don’t miss her too much.

Wiping away sweat (because hey, Indian summers are no joke), and sipping on sugarcane juice, she’ll count the oxford commas in this post with guilty pleasure and keep you guessing about the point she is trying to make. But worry not, for before she ends this bio-sketch, she’ll introduce herself with an apologetic grin while extending her hand for an unexpectedly firm handshake, and say,

“I’m sorry for mentioning this a little too late, but my name is Meghna. And am I glad to see you!”


Here’s a virtual cup of coffee. Now, let’s talk!