The Untitled Diary.



‘The Untitled Diary.’  is a story without titles – my story, yours even.
It is a few leaves torn from the diary I could never keep; a diary you’ve been wanting to keep.
The basic idea is to maintain a digital diary with stories sometimes true, sometimes fictional. These stories will just be journal entries, in no particular order, inspired from the stories that I’ve been told, conversations I’ve overheard on a metro, events that I’ve witnessed, or sometimes (or more than some) experiences from my own life.

I’m calling the owner of this diary M.
Now, M. can stand for Meghna or Michelle or Mike, and you’ll never know. You might also see some guest posts under this feature – a story waiting to be told (anonymously or otherwise).

I will be maintaining a catalog of all posts written in The Untitled Diary on this page, as and when they are published. So do check back time and again so you know you’re not missing out.


The posts go from Newer to Older:

> November 15, 2015